Anwar Maqsood Hameedi: Biography and Books List

Anwar Maqsood is a significant personality of literal community in Pakistan. His real name is Anwar Maqsood Hameedi but communally he is known as Anwar Maqsood in Pakistan. He is the very important figure of Pakistani writers. Hameedi is a scriptwriter, television host, humorist and also an actor as well.

He is attached with Pakistan Television Corporation since 1970. By the same token, currently, he is serving in different spheres of literal activities in Pakistan. All of the thought-provoking and sensible drams and shows related to national issues and problems are hosted by him.

Early Life

Anwar Maqsood like some other famous writers of Pakistan is born in India. He is born in 1935 in a well-known state of Mughal Empire, Hyderabad Deccan. Anwar also obtained his early education from his native town. He got admission in Gulbarga Trust School in Aurangabad.


Anwar Maqsood belongs to a family whose members are well-known personalities of Pakistan. Most of his brothers and sisters are related to important fields in Pakistan. His one sister Fatima Surraya Bajja is known as a renowned writer not only of Pakistan but also of South Asia. His sister Zehra Nigah is also a prominent poet of Pakistan.

Anwar’s one brother Ahmad Maqsood has been serving as a former Chief Secretary of Sindh province. His one sister Zubaida Tariq is a very familiar chef. Anwar Maqsood’s wife is also like his whole family. Her name is Imrana Maqsood and she is also well-known Novelist. Furthermore, the children of Anwar Maqsood are also following him. His son Bilal Maqsood is a rock Artist and he is also lead guitarist of a rock band known as Strings.

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The career of Anwar Maqsood mainly attached to literal activities. Further, in the literal community he is associated with Pakistan Television Corporation. In Pakistan Television Corporation, he served as presenter and host in shows of different dimensions. His renowned shows include Studio Dhai and then Studio Ponavteen.

Anwar Maqsood Hameedi Books List

As a writer, Anwar Maqsood is an impressive personality. He has written a number of dramas for the television of Pakistan. His plays are appreciated well among the audience. Some of the important writings of Anwar Maqsood in the form of television dramas are following.

  • Fifty Fifty (Comedy)
  • Show Time (Comedy Show)
  • Angan Terrha (Comedy-Drama)
  • Half Plate (Comedy-Drama)
  • Fanooni Lateefay (Comedy Drama)
  • Show Shaa (Comedy Show)
  • Sliver Jubilee (Ptv Show)
  • Studio Dhaai (Comedy Show)
  • Studio Chaar Bees (Comedy Show)
  • Talaash
  • Is Trah Talash Hota He (Comedy Drama)
  • Colony 52
  • Studio Poney Teen
  • Sitara aur Mehrunnisa (Romantic Drama)
  • Nadaan Nadia (Comedy Drama)
  • Loose Talk (Comedy Show)
  • Majoo Mian
  • Koi Aur Hai
  • Hum Pe Jo Guzarti He
  • Pauny 14 August
  • Sawa Choda August
  • Anwar Maqsood ka Dahrna
  • Nestle Nido Young Stars
  • Siache


Anwar Maqsood also received many awards but here are a few important awards that he received from national levels. These awards are following.

  • Hala-e-Imtiaz
  • Lifetime Achievement Honor at 4th Pakistan Media Awards

At last, I hope you liked the biography and books details of the great writer of our time Anwar Maqsood. You may also want to read Anwar Masood: Biography.

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