Qamar Ajnalvi: A Great Urdu Novel Writer

Qamar Ajnalvi is one of the greatest Urdu novel writers. He wrote nearly ten stories. He chooses Islamic history for his books.

Besides novels, Qamar wrote many film stories. Undoubtedly, he was a great writer like Naseem Hijazi and Inayatullah. He stands in the first row of 20th-century Urdu writers.


Qamar Ajnalvi was born on 1 March 1921 in Ajnala district, Amritsar. His father’s name was Din Muhammad. He was the single child of his parents. In 1940, his family moved to Lahore and settled there.

After migration, Ajnalvi spent his whole life in Lahore. In 1944, he married Begum Amtul Hafeez.

Qamar Ajnalvi died at 73 on 30 May 1993 in Germany.

Qamar Ajanlvi Novel List/ Literary Work

Movies Scripts

Qamar Ajnalvi wrote many Urdu movie scripts. He collaborated with various filmmakers. He was considered a great story writer in the early days of Urdu films. Qamar wrote the scripts below films.

  • Maan Baap,
  • Laila Majnoo,
  • Buzdil, Dillan wich Rab wasda,
  • Mein Ney Kia Jurm Kia

He also wrote the dialogue of the famous film Anarkali.

Qamar Ajnalvi Books details

Besides movies, Qamar Ajnalvi got famous for his novels. His first novel was published in 1938, named Shaheed Pujaran.

After this, he wrote many excellent books on Islamic history and the context of Indo-Pakistan. Ajnalvi wrote the below-mentioned novels. Moreover, you can download these books by clicking them from The Library Pk site.

Muqaddas Murti

The novel’s central theme is the search for the Statue of Gautam Budh. This statue was made after the death of Gautam Budh.

The statue is important because it has the ashes of Gautam Budh in it. The hero of the book (Tharo Keship) found this holy statue. He faced many difficulties on his way. But, he succeeded in his aim with courage.

It is a great history book. This novel shows the excellent knowledge of Qamar Ajnalvi on comparative religions.

Jang e Muqaddas

Jang e Muqaddas wrote in the context of Crossed wars after the reconquest of Bait-ul-Muqddas. The two heroes of Crossed Wars, Richard the Lion Heart and Sultan Salah-u-Din Ayubi, came close to one another.

It is an excellent historical novel for book lovers.

Chah e Babul

According to the writer, Chah e Babul is the great love story of history. This book describes the history of the Babul civilization and its conquest.

The hero of the novel Mehar Talib came to Babul to plain the ground of Cyrus the Great victory. Qamar Ajnalvi also points out Haroot and Maroot angels that landed on the Babul.

Jahan e Loh o Qalam

Jahan e Loh o Qalam describes World politics and its scenario.

Lala Rukh: 

The Lala Rukh novel wrote in the context of 1857. This book explains the failure of the war of Independence in 1857 and the end of the Mughal Rule.

British troops mascaraed the Muslims in the sub-continent. The novel outlines the difficulties of Mughal princesses and women after the end of the Mughal rule.

Wali Ahad

Wali Ahad is another great history book of Qamar Ajnalvi. This novel wrote in the context of the British invasion of South Indian Muslim states and their struggle for their IIIIndependence.

Dharti Ka Safar

The central theme of Dharti Ka Safar is Muslim migration from India to Pakistan. It is the great migration in human history. Almost 40 Million People migrate from India to Pakistan.

This book points out the mascaraed of Muslims by Hindus and Sikhs.

Baghdad Ki Raat:

Baghdad Ki Raat is another history book of Qamar Ajnalvi. The main topic was the last days of the Abbasid Khilafat and Qarmtia movements.


Pandare is the biography book of  Nawab Karim Khan Pandare.


Parthaal novel described the war between South Indian Hindu and Muslim states. The battle starts with the daughter of Jeweler (Parthaal).

She loved the Prince of the Dukan state, and at the same time, the Raja of the Hindu state wanted to marry her. It is a compelling historical novel.


Shamsheer’s story was first written for a film. But, after this novel was published in book shape. The central theme of the novel is that love has value. It is below caste, status, etc.

This story captured readers’ attention from the first line to the last paragraph.


Laado novel is the story of a mare. This mare has excellent quality. The novel revolves around this mare and its owner.

Last Words

No doubt, Qamar Ajnalvi is a great writer of the Urdu language. He showed an excellent grip on his stories. I hope you liked his biography. You may also like Shaukat Siddiqui: A novel writer.

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