Razzaq Shahid Kohlar Novel List And Biography

Razzaq Shahid Kohlar Biography:

Abdul Razzaq, known as Razzaq Shahid Kohlar, is a famous story writer, playwright, poet, and novelist of Urdu. He authored some excellent novels and stories for different digests of Urdu. He worked on radio and penned dozens of dramas, which earned much fame and appreciation for him.

Early Life:

Razzaq Shahid Kohlar was born on 10 January 1969 in Barak Dera Ismail Khan, in the province of KPK. After the birth of Kohlar, his mother died, and he brought up under a stepmother. Unlike others, Kohlar is satisfied with the behavior of her mother and loves her too much.

He started his early education from his village and passed matriculation. After completion of his intermediate, he joined the Pakistan Army. But for some personal reasons, he left it after some time. Now he is doing his family business and continuing to write for digests and radio.

Family Life:

Razzaq Shahid Kohlar belongs to a notable family who had much property and influence in his surrounding areas. His grandfather Bakhsh was the Numberdar in his village, and the people oblige for his justice. Kohlar is elder in three brothers and sisters.

One of his brothers, Riaz Aqib Kohlar, is also a famous writer, novelist, and poet of Urdu. Razzaq is leading a successful and satisfactory life with her wife, who is a cousin of him. His children are studying in schools and waiting for a bright future.

Professional Career:

Abdul Razzaq Kohlar started his career as a writer after leaving army service. He penned more than one hundred stories and serialized novels for the digests. He began to work for radio from November 2006 and wrote more than fifty dramas.

Razzaq Shahid Kohlar Novel Published various famous digests and magazines of Urdu. He wrote on different topics like romance, action, humor, and social issues. He wrote for Suspense, Jasoosi, Mystery, Naye Ufaq, and Hikayat Digest.

Razzaq Shahid Kohlar Novel/ Book List:

Although Razzaq Shahid Kohlar Novel List is not long, he produced some quality stories. He believes in quality, not quantity, and highlighted the issues of the public in his stories. He educated the nation on moral values and social behaviors. Kohlar has much information towards the teachings of Islam, and his essays released on many topics.

In his stories and poetry, Razzaq tried to educate the community towards different thoughts. He raised the voice for the implementation of Islamic laws and the justice system. He highlighted the complications in the family system that created for ignorance and noneducation.

Razzaq Kohlar hesitates coming in the limelight and never gave a single interview to anyone. The readers know his name and work but also want to read Razzaq Shahid Kohlar Biography. There is less information about his life on the internet, although his books released on different blogs and websites. Here you can find Razzaq Shahid Kohlar Novel List with pdf links.

  1. Apradhi Novel

  2. Nijat Novel

  3. Bharam Novel

  4. Mitti Ka Khel

  5. Rait Ki Deewar

  6. Ujalon Ke Naqeeb

  7. Dar e Zindan

  8. Adhoora Khawab

  9. Poora Sach

  10. Preet Ki Reet

  11. Aakhri Faisla

  12. Aakhri Dervesh

  13. Double Cross

  14. Aakhri Juwa

  15. Ajal Ka Roop

  16. Wafa Gazeeda

  17. Gharoor e Hasti

  18. Talafi Novel

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