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Wasif Ali Wasif is a teacher, writer, poet, and intellectual from Pakistan. His Sufism is much comprehensive and popular among the readers of the Urdu language. He dreamed of progressing from a civil servant to a Sufi intellectual.

Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif R.A.. is the light of success for every literary person. He used to write on every topic, including life, fortune, love, hate, prayer, progress, promise, expectations, hopes, and sorrows. Most essays contain proses about everything that means to the human being. In this article, we will learn about Wasif Ali Wasif’s life, biography, and Literary Work.


Wasif Ali Wasif was born on 15 January 1929 in Khushab, Pakistan. His father’s name is Muhammad Arif he was also a literary person. He is a man of Aphorism whose proverbs are almost used worldwide. Among all, he was a great Sufi writer and poet who used his pen to reform society.

Early Life:

He passed his early days in his birth city Khushab. Before going to Jhang, where he did his matriculation and Inter from Jhang, he received his early education there. It lightened a new essence in his life.

Alma Mater:

After completing his bachelor’s education at Islamia College, he joined Government College University, Lahore. He opted for English literature for his Masters’s degree and finished it at G.C. University.

First Literary Work:

Most of his writings are about GUFTGOO, a complete literary series. Guftgoo contains 25 volumes which are available in Audio and Urdu books. Despite writing books, he also wrote columns regularly for the daily newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt.

Some Prominent Works:

  • To make his dreams a reality, Wasif Ali Wasif chose teaching. Subsequently, he established his institute ‘Lahore English College’ in 1962 near the famous Anarkali, Lahore.
  • He also passed CSS exams but did not pursue them due to his tranquility of mind.
  • Wasif was a good hockey player, receiving many awards during his school and college days.
  • Besides writing in Urdu, he penned in English, including topics ‘Farewell Party’ and ‘College Miserable Life.’
  • Having an interest in Sufism in childhood changed his life later as he met many Sufi intellectuals throughout his life.
  • He is best known as the master of Aphorism, who can describe the meanings of words in dewdrops.
  • Wasif also contributed his essays & topics to the college’s Ravi magazine.


Wasif also has the pseudonym “Baba g Huzur.” It was only due to his intellectualism and Sufism poetry. Sometimes, he used to spend his all-time in remaining silent.

“Guftagoo” of Wasif Ali Wasif is the hallmark of his fame. So, it all comes due to his intellectualism and teaching affections.


The most respectable Sufi intellectual Wasif Ali Wasif died on 18 January 1993 in Lahore. His shrine is in the Miani Saab graveyard where thousands of his followers come to pay tribute each day. His annual Urs is celebrated from 22 to 24 Rajab.

Books List of Wasif Ali Wasif:

Here is a complete list of Wasif Ali Wasif’s books.

More About Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif R.A.

It is a distinct reality that no such writer of Urdu literature fetches more fame in Sufism. Since he starts writing prose and essays, he has been the only writer whose aphorisms use as quotations. His every writing shows the true spirit of Islam and Sufism.

All of his literary works are considered the noblest thoughts by any Urdu poet. Wasif Ali Wasif remained a teacher for years, later followed by a poet, another outstanding contribution to his life. Kiran Kiran Sooraj (Collection of Aphorism) was his best-selling book all the time.

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