Ibn-e-Insha: Biography, Poetry and Books

Ibne-e-Insha is a well-known Urdu writer from Pakistan. He has also worked in the Punjabi field as well, but his Urdu work got more famous than the Punjabi. He was born on 11th January 1978. His Father’s’ name is Sher Muhammad Khan. Ibn-e-Insha has worked into different dimensions of Urdu writing.

He recognized himself in the primary fields of Urdu, such as poet, humorist, and travelogue writer. He also worked as a columnist writer in newspapers. Ibn-e-Insha has used such a different style for his poetic work that inspired the generations. The young poets are so impressed by the poetry of Ibn-e-Insha.

Ibn-e-Insha is born in Phillaur, a well-known tehsil of Jalandhar district, Punjab, India. There was a united India under the British administration when he was born. But later on, his Father was called upon from Rajasthan.


He got his early education from his native residence. The role of the family is also crucial in educational achievement. His family socialized adequately, and he succeeded in his social and practical life. He got admission to the University of Punjab, where he completed his graduate degree in 1946.

Later he went to Karachi University and got his Master of Arts in 1953. He has associated with different fields during his career. He has also been a member of many governmental departments like Radio Pakistan, the Ministry of Culture, and National Book Center of Pakistan.

Professional Life

After accomplishing his educational period, Ibn-e-Insha attached himself to professional life. He served different job careers both in governmental and non-governmental sectors. But he relates himself, especially with the literal activities that encouraged him to participate in writings actively. At the start of his professional

At the start of his professional career, he served in the different departments of Pakistan, like Radio Pakistan. His participation concerned his literary fields like books, radio, and culture.

In the early period of his professional life, he enhanced his inner capabilities, allowing him to participate internationally. He served United Nations Organization. Also, that is a widely accepted organization in the whole world. During his service at the UN, Ibn-e-Insha visited so many countries around the globe, which inspired him to work in an essential writing field, “Travelogue.” He visited countries like Japan, the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, France, the UK, and the United States. Due to his visit to these many countries, he devoted himself to the writing field of travelogue and wrote some very professional travelogues.


The role of practical and positive guidance is very crucial for a successful career. IBn-e-Insha has guidelines from his family, writing community, and teachers. The role of his teachers like Habibullah Ghaznafer Amrohiv, Dr. Abdul Qayyum, and Dr. Ghulam Mustaf Khan is vital in his life that led him to the way of progress in the literal field. During his youth

During his youth career, he also spent years with a well-known poet Sahir Ludhhianvi in Lahore, who gave him the thought to provide lessons. Like the other prominent writers of Urdu, Ibn-e-Insha also participated in the writer’s movement known as the “Progressive Writers Movement.”

 Ibn-e-Insha Literary Work/ Books Details

Ibn-e-Insha is known as one of the very famous Urdu writers. He is also considered the most well-known poet and writer of his generation. He very inspired the youth of his generation. His most memorable ghazal, “Insh Ji Uthoo Ab Kuch Kro,” got so much fame that it took him to the toppers of the poets.

Ibn-e-Insha has written a variety of writings like poems, Ghazals, and Travelogues. The audience and the literal community appreciate the whole of his work. A list of his essential writing is following. You can read online or download books by clicking on them.

Ibn-e-Insha Poetry Books List

  • Insh Ji Uthoo Ab Kuch Karo
  • Kal Chadhvi Ki Raat The, Shab Bhar Raha Charcha Tera
  • Is Basti Ke Ek Koochay Main
  • Chand Nagar
  • Dil-e-Wehshi
  • Billo Ka Basta

Ibn-e-Insha Travelogue



Ibn-e-Isha has received many awards, but the prominent post-award is the Pride of Performance Award that he received from the President of Pakistan in 1978.


Ibn-e-Insha spent the last years of his life in Karachi. He died on 11th January 1978 in London but was later buried in Karachi, Pakistan.

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