Jaun Elia: Biography and Literary Work

Jaun Elia is a very well-known poet of the modern era. Although he has died in last decade, his poetry is still inspiring the thoughts of the masses especially the young community. Elia influenced the youth of the Pakistani community as a whole. Jaun Elia is not only a poet, but he is also a philosopher, biographer, and scholar as well.

He belongs to a famous family as he bothers of Rais Amrohi and Ayyad Muhammad Taqi. Both of them were well-known journalists and psychoanalysts. Urdu is his dominant language of work, but he also has fluency in Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit, and Hebrew.

His primary source of such immense popularity is that he has lots of knowledge of Sufism, Muslim spiritual, science, and Western literature.

His poetry deals with the mixture of all these dimensions mentioned above that makes him unique in his field of writing. The reader of his poetry does not only know about the different perspectives of worldly affairs but also learns about the socio-religious patch up that inspires the audience to think critically.

Early Life

Jaun Elia is born on December 14, 1931, in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is the youngest of his family. Due to being the youngest, he got more affection and love from his family. His family used to love him very much. The role of family is also important in shaping his prominent personality. His father Shafiq Hassan Elia also worked in the field of art and literature. It also played a vital role in his advancement in the literal field. His father was an astrologer also.

When Elia was very young of 17 to 18 years, an independent state came into being in the name of Muslim country. Jaun Elia has very communist views; he became adverse to this idea of a separate state but finally chose to join Pakistan and gave preference to Pakistan over India. Elia finally decided to come in Pakistan. He arrived in Pakistan in 1957 and chose Karachi as the residing city.

Jaun Elia in the words of Pirzada Qasim

According to the words of poet Pirzada Qasim, the poetry of Jaun Elia is very heart touching. His poetry is rooted in the classical field. He introduces the new areas in poetry. He is unable to find his idealism, so he became frustrated. His poetry is unique from all other poets of Urdu.


Jaun Elia is married to a well-known columnist Zahida Hina. His married life did not succeed for a long period, so he separated from his wife later.

World View about Jaun Elia

The personality of Jaun Elia very different from the other poets and writers because all of them attached to particular religion, sect and school of thought but Jaun Elia is not like all of them. His views are not so religious, and he also did not belong to a particular school of thought. He studied Deoband school of thoughts for a particular period.

But yet he is identified with relation to a particular school of thought. He introduced his reorganization as an agnostic or atheist. On the other hands, his political views also differed from the majority of the region. He is in favor of communism that he wished to be practiced in the society for the welfare of the society as a whole.


The most notable award given to Jaun Elia is the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance given by the Government of Pakistan due to his undaunted efforts and services for Urdu Literature.

Jaun Elia Notable work/ Books Details


Inshaiyee aur Mazameen

  • Farnood (published by Khalid ansari)


Jaun Elia passed away  8 November 2002, at Karachi. At last, I hope you liked this post; you may also want to read Agha Shorash Kashmiri.

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