Qayyum Nizami: Biography and Literary Work

Qayyum Nizami Biography:

Qayyum Nizami is a famous columnist, writer, intellectual, and political figure. He was vital in left-wing politics in the 80s and early 90s. Moreover, he had close relations with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. Qayyum Nizami is writing a column in an esteemed newspaper of Urdu and authored some excellent books on history, politics, and Islam.

Early Life:

Qayyum Nizami was born on 11th April 1943 in a religious family. His father, Abdul Hameed Nizami, was a publisher and founded Islami Publishing Company and Nizami press in 1956 in Lahore. His grandfather Sufi Ahmad Din also was a typical religious person and loved Islamic scholars. He liked reciting the Quran and practiced it all day.


Qayyum Nizami passed his matriculation from Atta Muhammad Islamia High School Gujranwala. Then, he was admitted to Islamia College Railway Road Lahore for Intermediate. He graduated from Government College Lahore and Passed M.A Urdu from Punjab University Oriental College Lahore. Qayyum Nizami took an LLB from Punjab University Law College and then passed M.A. in political science.

Qayyum Nizami joined Ahmad Raza Kasuri, Zia Shahid, Mehmood Shaam, and Dr. Rafi Ud Din Hashmi in college life. His university fellows were Atta Ul Haq Qasmi, Amjad Islam Amjad, and Dr. Abdul Ghani Farooq. He found significant teachers in his student life like Dr. Syed Abdullah, Ibadat Barelvi, Khawaja Muhammad Zakariya, Waqar Azeem, Dr. Waheed Qureshi, Dr. Nazar Hassan, and Sajjad Baqir Rizvi.

Social Work:

Qayyum Nizami started his social activities in his college life. He founded a welfare society in his colony New Samanabad Lahore. He began fundraising from his relatives and neighbors for the social movements which liked the people. During Ayub Khan’s rule, Nizami worked as a volunteer laborer with Jahangir Badar.

Family Life:

Qayyum Nizami got married to Kishwar Qayyum, which lived in his neighborhood. He has four children, including two sons and two daughters. Kishwar also participated in politics along with her husband. She was prisoned during the Zia martial law with her four-month children. She worked as secretary of finance for PPP and was selected as a member of the Punjab Assembly on women-reserved seats.


Qayyum Nizami started his politics after joining Pakistan Peoples Party in 1968. He worked as central secretary of information for a long time and became an active party member. He was elected a member of the Punjab Assembly in 1977 and joined the cabinet as a minister of the state in the interim setup of Balakh Sher Mazari.

Qayyum Nizami with Benzair Bhutto

Qayyum Nizami was appointed Chairman of the Evacuee Trust Property Board in 1996, setting some great examples of dignity and humanity. He overturned all the political pressure, which ranked his ability and skill. He refused to take all the benefits of this post. So, Nizami continued his work in the Nawaz Sharif government after the permission of Benazir Bhutto.

Nizami was prisoned during the martial law of Ayub Khan, first and later in the Zia Ul Haq regime. It is the sad part of Qayyum Nizami Biography. He spent eight years in exile in Canada and Great Britain. He led the PPP workers in the MRD movement when the first-line leadership was arrested by martial law administration.

Literary Work/ Qayyum Nizami Books List:

Qayyum Nizami is writing a daily column in different newspapers of Urdu. He has a vast knowledge of history, politics, and religion. He authored over two dozen books on various topics in his long writing career. Here you can find the Qayyum Nizami books list and details.

Jernail Aur Siyasatdan, Tareekh Ki Adalat Main

About the role of Politicians and army officers in the destabilization of Pakistan

Azadi Se Ghulami Tak

A brief analysis of Pak-America relations after the independence of Pakistan.

Quaid e Azam Ka Nazria Riyasat

A brief review of the political ideology of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid e Azam Bahasiat Governor-General

About the political role and administrative decisions of Jinnah as the first head of the newborn state

Secret Papers

Some sources leaked some confidential documents from America.

Pakistan America- Bante Bigarte Taluqat

About the Pak American relations and its ups and downs

Jo Dekha Jo Suna

About the life and politics of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party

Shahadat Se Shahadat Tak

About the assassination of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Miss Benazir Bhutto.

Jo Dil Pe Guzari

About his experience, political ideology, and observations

Mamlat e Rasool by Qayyum Nizami

On Seerat Un Nabi SAW and its implementations in the lives of the Muslims. We can say it is one of the best Qayyum Nizami books.

Mamlat e Insan Aur Quran

The necessity of Quranic teachings in modern times and the matters of the Muslims

Misali Ikhlaqiyat

The teachings of Islam about practical life and morality

Zinda Iqbal

About the life, work, and ideology of Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Mamlat e Umar Farooq

About the life, role, policies, and achievements of Hazrat Umar e Farooq R.A

Mamlat e Hazrat Ali

About life, procedures, and performances of Maula Ali R.A

At last, I hope you liked the Qayyum Nizami Biography and books list. You may also want to read Banu Qudsia and Mumtaz Mufi’s bio.

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