Abdul Rab Bhatti Biography And Novel List

Abdul Rab Bhatti Biography:

Abdul Rab Bhatti is a famous novelist and story writer of Urdu, a regular writer for magazines, and digests of Urdu. He wrote about many topics like romance, crime, social issues, horror, and suspense but mainly focussed on the problems of Sindhi people.

Early Life:

Dr. Abdul Rab Bhatti was born on 18 June 1969 in Jacobabad, Sindh, Pakistan. Abdul Kareem Bhatti’s father had nine children and arranged their education excellently. His sons and daughters had bright careers and sat well on higher-scale jobs.

After completing his school study in his study, Abdul Rab passed MBBS from Chandka medical college Larkana. Then he started his house job in Karachi and completed his ENT specialist course. Now he resides in DHA Phase 2 in Karachi and continues his career as a senior medical officer in a civil hospital in Karachi.

Professional Career:

Dr. Abdul Rab started writing for the digests as a medical student. His first story was published in Akhbar e Jahan in 1985. After that, he did not see back and continued writing for different digests. He penned over one hundred novels and stories, all published in the Digests and magazines.

Dr. Bhatti wrote on various issues, but his main objective was to expose the evils of feudalism. He mentioned women’s life in interior Sindh and the problems of labor. He commented on the cruel landlords who have no mercy for humanity. Dr. Bhatti also discussed the issues Muslims face today,s time.

Family Life:

Dr. Abdul Rab Bhatti was the youngest child of his parents and married a girl with their consent. He married in April 1998 and has three children: two sons and one daughter. All his children are going to school, and the elder son Abdul Moiz Bhatti aims to join the medical field.

Abdul Rab Bhatti Novel List:

Dr. Bhatti wrote for all famous magazines and monthly digests of Urdu like Akhbar e Jahan, Suspense Digest, Jasoosi Digest, Sarguzasht Digest, Naye Ufaq, Mystery Magazine, Adventure Digest, and Imran Digest. Although he has a shortage of time due to his medical profession, Abdul Rab Bhatti’s Novel List is not short.

Most of his novels were published in book shape, and some are in the process. He is regularly writing short and serialized stories for the digests. All of Abdul Rab Bhatti’s Novel List is available in Urdu on different blogs and websites in pdf. The readers wanted to know about Abdul Rab Bhatti’s Biography and work. Here you can find the complete list of his novels and download it by clicking on it.

  1. Sauda e Junoon

  2. Kafan Badosh

  3. Awara Gard

  4. Barg e Khizan

  5. Kharzar Novel

  6. Shikasta Gharonday

  7. Sehra Gard

  8. Kameen Gah

  9. Kalaz Novel

  10. Khandar Novel

  11. Veerana Novel

  12. Badrooh Novel

  13. Aakhri Raat

  14. Aakhri Bisat

  15. Jaan Farosh

  16. Zard Chand

  17. Karb Novel

  18. Bay Patwar

  19. Endhan Novel

  20. Qaidi Novel

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