Iqbal Kazmi Novel List And Biography

Iqbal Kazmi Biography:

Syed Iqbal Hussain, known as Iqbal Kazmi, was a renowned novelist, journalist, editor, and story writer of Urdu. He authored hundreds of stories and novels with different pen names in popular digests and magazines of Urdu. He translated many books from English to Urdu, which were published in the Digests in episode form.

Early Life:

Syed Iqbal Kazmi was born in Lahore in February 1943. After some years, his father, Syed Maratab Ali Shah, settled in Quetta. So Iqbal Hussain got his early education from Lahore and Quetta. Later, he worked as a correspondent for Daily Nawai Waqt and earned fame for his interviews with landlords and tribal leaders published in Nawai Waqt.

Professional Career:

At the beginning of his career, Iqbal Kazmi worked for Nawai Waqt but, after some years, began to write in Daily Jang. He was at the peak of his career when he started to write serialized novels and stories. He wrote almost all magazines and digests, especially Aalmi, Mystery Magazine, Suspense Digest, Jasoosi Digest, Naye Ufaq, and Fateh.

Iqbal Kazmi Novel contains various topics like adventure, spy, romance, crime, action, and social issues. He authored hundreds of stories and serialized novels with many pen names. He highlighted the problems of the Muslims in his books, which they are facing today. Iqbal Kazmi spent a large part of his life in Quetta and knew the challenges of the Baloch people. He gave the place to it in his Urdu action novels.

Iqbal Kazmi Death:

In 1970, when insurgency increased in Balochistan, Iqbal Kazmi went to Karachi and settled there. He wrote some of his masterpieces in Karachi and died on 25 May 2001 at 58. His death was a significant loss for Urdu fiction writing. He left some serialized novels incomplete, which Hasam Butt took to its end later.

Iqbal Kazmi Novel List:

Iqbal Kazmi Novel List is very long; most of it is available on blogs and websites in pdf. Some of Kazmi’s stories earned immortal fame for him, and the readers liked his unique writing style and action scenes. Kazmi educated the Muslim community on Kashmir and Palestine issues. He highlighted the freedom movement, which continued in the Middle East and South Asia.

Kazmi also converted dozens of English novels and stories into Urdu. He was a precious asset of Urdu fiction, but no government nor literary organization admitted his services. No material regarding Iqbal Kazmi’s Biography is available in any book or website.

Here is a list of his novels published in Jasoosi, Suspense, Naye Ufaq, Mystery, Fateh, and Aalmi digest. You can download it by clicking on the given link.

  1. Gardab Novel

  2. Zindan Novel

  3. Dasht e Junoon

  4. Aatish Fishan

  5. Angaray Novel

  6. Samana Novel

  7. Master Novel

  8. Mafia Novel

  9. Aag Novel

  10. Mossad Novel

  11. Azadi Ke Matwalay

  12. Sunehri Saanp

  13. Kaffara Novel

  14. Nick Velvet Series

  15. Jeffery Archer Series

  16. Dehshat Gard

  17. Daulat Kay Pujari

  18. Waris Novel

  19. Payada Novel

  20. Shatir Novel

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