Kashif Zubair Writer Biography And Novel List

Kashif Zubair Biography:

Kashif Zubair was a famous novelist, story writer, playwright, humorist, and translator of Urdu. He regularly wrote stories and serialized novels for the digests and magazines. He authored many masterpieces during his short career and made a place among first-line writers of Urdu.

Early Life:

Kashif Zubair Khan was born on 3 January 1971 in CMH Rawalpindi when his family stayed there. His father, Muhammad Zubair, worked there and later settled in Karachi when Kashaf was six months old. Kashif started his school education in Karachi, but after an accident, he became disabled. His spinal cord was affected, and he fell on the bed for over a year.

With great courage, aim, and self-determination, Kashif recovered a lot in one year, but he always needed the help of a wheelchair. It is a sad part of Kashif Zubair Biography, but he decided to continue his education again. He passed B Com and BBA from Karachi University and joined a job in a government department for some time.

Professional Career:


During his job, Kashif Zubair writer felt like a misfit for the finance department and started to write for the digests. His first story was published in Jasoosi digest Karachi in 1996, which gained a high appreciation. The broadcast of Jasoosi Digest Miraj Rasool couraged him, and Kashif agreed to adopt writing as a profession.

Kashif Zubair Novel list increased when he started to write for other digests like Suspense Digest, Sarguzasht Digest, Naya Ufaq, and Akhbar e Jahan. He enjoyed his peak point popularity when he wrote some super hit serialized stories. It increased his earning and gave him the courage to fight his disability.

Kashaf worked as a ghostwriter for others who took advantage of his compulsion. He wrote some television series and translated many books from English to Urdu. All of such work was published with the name of other writers.

Family Life:

Kashif Zubair, the Writer, had six brothers and sisters who all loved him very much. He married Marium Kashif on 8 February 2004 and started a satisfying life with her. Kashaf adopted pen names like Marium K Khan for his wife, Parveen Zubair for his mother, and Asif Khan for his brother. It showed his love and respect for his family.

Kashif Zubair Death:

Kashif Zubair, the Writer, had many issues with his health throughout his age. He had a problem with his kidney and gallbladder, which disturbed him for many years. On 22 February 2016, Kashaf passed away, weeping his millions of fans and readers. After the funeral prayer, he was buried in a graveyard in Karachi, Sindh.

Kashif Zubair Novel List:

Kashif had a career of almost twenty years as a professional writer and penned dozens of novels and serialized stories. All of his work has been published in well-reputed magazines and digests. He wanted to publish his work in book shape, which was not fulfilled in his life.

Here you can find the Kashif Zubair Novel list on different blogs and websites in pdf. You can download it by clicking on the links.

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  1. There is no doubt that Kashif Zubair was a great writer.He adopted writing style from Qudrat Ullah Shahab.His novels and serialized stories had a effective lesson of self control and courage.His novels had a sense of homour and Irony.
    May Allah his soul rest in peace and heavens!


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