Akbar Allahabadi biography and books

Akbar Allahabadi is a well-known poet of Urdu. His original name is Akbar Hussain Rizvi, popularly known as Akbar Allahabadi. He was born on 16 November 1846 in Allahabad in, India. Due to his native town Allahabad, he is mainly known as Akbar Allahabadi.


Akbar Allahabadi is one of those Urdu writers who was born and died before the partition of Hindustan. But their work in Urdu still has very precious worth in the writing field of Urdu. His work is a source of inspiration for young writers to learn writing techniques. He got his early education from the religious madrassah because, during his time of period, there were no such modern institutions as it is today.

The religious madrassahs were considered the primary source of education for the Muslims especially. They also used to get an education from these madrassahs as a religious obligation. Only those with a sense of modern education and belonging to wealthy families attend schools and colleges to get an advanced education.

Akbar Allahabadi went to college for further education after completing his madrassah education. In college, he got knowledge related to law and affiliated himself with the field of law. He retired as a session judge from Allahabad High Court.


His poetry has a unique place in Urdu poetry due to his long and early efforts for Urdu. His poetry inspires the audience to think about and evaluate the social situations of his time. He used a sense of humor to involve the readers in his thinking. The feeling of humor is vital to attracting the audience’s attention.

Akbar Allahabadi is one of those Urdu poets whose sense of humor inspires the community about the logic of different social issues.

Notable Work of Akbar Allahabadi

Akbar Allahabadi has a different series of the writing of poems and other literary works. His poetry is appreciated. His most well-known work is as follows.

Kulliyat Akbar Allahabadi

First of all, “Kulliyats” is considered his most notable work. Kulliyat means the collection of poems. His fourth volume of Kulliyat was published in 1948.

Hungama Hai Kyun Barpa

The second remarkable poem is “Hungama Hai Kyun Barpa, Thori Si Jo Pi Li Hai.” This ghazal is also sung by the great singer of Pakistan of contemporary times, Ghulam Ali.


Thirdly, Hamad (a form of the poem in which praise of Allah is recited), Bas Jaan Gya Main Teri Pehchan Yehi Hai, Tu Dil Main To Ata Hai, Samjh Main Nahi Ata. It is also a viral poem by Akbar Allahabadi. The Late Mehdi Hassan also sings this works piece during the 1970s.

Last days of his life

Although Akbar Allahabadi achieved everything an ordinary man wished, he also earned a name and fame. He became very popular during his time due to his job and poetry. But the last days of his life are not well.

He had to face many sorrows and difficulties in his life. His wife and son passed away, and in the last days of his life, his health deteriorated.

He was confined only to the bed. He died on 15 February 1921 (aged 74) in Allahabad.

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