Razia Butt: Novels and Biography

A Pakistani novelist and playwright, Razia Butt was one of the most well-known Urdu writers of the 1960s and 1970s. She is often compared with the English writer Barbara Cartland owing to her popularity among common readers due to her popularity during those years.

Many of her works have been adapted and made into television serials, films, and novels.

Early life

Razia Butt was born on May 19, 1924, in Wazirabad, Punjab. As a child, she spent most of her time in Peshawar. In 10th grade, she earned 100 marks in Urdu. The teacher said if it were up to me, she would have given 150 marks out of 100.

Literary Career

She was less than twenty when she published her first piece of fiction in a literary magazine around 1940. Her first story was later adapted and published as a novel called Nayla. After her marriage in 1946, she hesitated to write for a while, but in 1950 she resumed writing. In the aftermath of the creation of Pakistan, his novel “Banu” shattered all records for popularity.

Razia Butt’s novel was televised many years later. She has written more than 51 novels and 350 short stories, and she also used to write radio plays.

A number of his novels have been adapted for TV and movies, and some have also been used for TV series. For example, Saeqa and Naila were acclimated to the big screen. While Noreena, Najiya, Saeqa, and Bano were adapted for television drama series, others have been adapted for TV.

Razia Butt has written her autobiography “Bachhe Mansab,” an autobiography.


Several films have been made on Razia Butt’s novels which have also gained popularity. Razia Butt has a special place in fiction writing. If you look at Razia Butt’s stories, you will see that she places great importance on the role of women in Pakistan. His novels Naila, Saeqa, Anila, Shabu, Bano, Samina, Najia, Shaina, Sabin, Rabi and Bina are all centered around female characters.


He died in Lahore after a long illness on October 5, 2012.


Movies and TV Series on her Novels.


  • Naila (1965)
  • Saiqa (1968)
  • Anila (1969)
  • Noreen (1970)
  • Mohabbat (1972)
  • Khalish (1972)
  • Payasa (1973)
  • Mohabbat ho to aisi (1989)
  • Gulabo (2008)

Television Series

  • Drama writer Ahmed Naveed dramatized Amma (mother)
  • Bano as Dastaan – Hum TV 2010
  • Naila
  • Noerena (PTV 1995)
  • Saiqa – Hum TV – 2009
  • Wehshi (HUM TV) 2022


  • The Nigar Award for Best Scriptwriter of Saiqa was won in 1969.
  • In 2012, Hum Honorary Most Challenging Subject Award was given to Dastaan.

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