Deputy Nazir Ahmad: A Feminist Writer

Deputy Nazir Ahmad (Also known Molvi Nazir Ahmad) is an Urdu writer, reformer, and scholar. He wrote many books and novels. He got fame from Mirat Ul Uroos and Tauba Tun Nasooh books.


Deputy Nazir Ahmad was born on 6 September 1836 in Dist. Bangor, UP. He belonged to Shah Abdul Ghafoor Azam Puri family. His father name was Molvi Saadat Ali.

Deputy Nazir had married with the grand-daughter of Molvi Abdul Khaliq. He had one son and two daughters.

Molvi Nazir passed away on 3rd May 1913.


Deputy Nazir Ahmad got his early education from his father. In the age of 14, he admitted in Madras Aurangabad of Dehli. At this place, his teacher was Molvi Abdul Khaliq.

At this time, the Muslim condition is not okay. Students begged their food from households. Molvi Nazir got his education in this scenario.

After some, he entered in Dehli College and studied Arabic, Philosophy, and Mathematics.


Deputy Nazir Ahmad started his career as a Teacher. During his employment, he translated the Indian Penal Code in Urdu. This translation made him famous and played a vital role in his progress.

After getting the promotion, he became the Deputy Collector. Nizaam Dukan transferred his Haiderbaad state.

After retirement, Molvi Nazir devoted his life to literature and writing. He spent his remaining life in Dehli.


On his service, Indian Government awarded him with the title of ‘Shams ul Ulama’ in 1897. In 1902, the University of Edinburgh gave him an honorary degree of LLD. Punjab University also awarded DOL degree in 1910.

He considered the first novel writer of Urdu language.

Deputy Nazir Ahmad Book List/ Literary Work

Deputy Nazir believed the feminist writer of Urdu language. He was a great advocate of women education. His novels revolve about the women issue.

Molvi Nazir himself wrote the books for the study of his daughters. He wrote below mentioned novels and books

Deputy Nazir Novels Details

Ibn Ul Waqt

Binat Un Nash

Fasana E Mubtila

Mirat Ul Uroos (The Bride’s Mirror)

Tauba Tun Nasooh



Royai Sadaqa

Deputy Nazir Ahmad Translation

  • Indian Penal Code
  • Quran Pak
  • Income Tax Ordinance 1861
  • Qanoon e Shahadat 1863
  • Samwaat 1876

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