Shaukat Thanvi: A Classic Humour Writer

Shaukat Thanvi was a Pakistani novel, humorist, and story writer. He was considered the more valuable Urdu writer. He won serval awards for his writing.


Shaukat Thanvi was born on February 2, 1904, in Bandarban (Mathura). His family name was Muhammad Umar. His ancestors belonged to Thana Bandarban. So, he added Thanvi as the last name.

Shaukat Thanvi started his schooling in Bhopal. After moving to Lakhnow, he was admitted to Mission High School.

He was not a brilliant student and not interested in completing his education. He left the school and joined the “Hamdam Newspaper.”

At this time, the editor of this newspaper was Syed Jalib, who was a veteran journalist. Shoukat got training from Syed Jalib.

After some time, he left the job and opened his newspaper named “Toofan.” But, it was closed.

Shaukat Tanvi started to write poetry, short stories, and novels during his job days. In 1938, he joined All India Radio.

After the Partition of India

After the partition of India, Shaukat Thanvi came to Lahore and acceded to Radio Pakistan. On Radio Pakistan, he started his popular program, Qazi Jee. He wrote the program and broadcast it.

At the same time, he joined Pancholi Art Pictures as a writer. He wrote the stories and dialogue of the films. He also directed the film “Gulnaar.”

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Awards and recognition

He received the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award from The Government of Pakistan. 


Shaukat Thanvi passed away on May 4, 1963. He was buried in the graveyard of Miani Sahib Lahore. Thus in this way, the significant era of Urdu writing ended.

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