MA Rahat Novelist And Writer Biography

MA Rahat Biography:

Marghoob Ali Rahat, known as MA Rahat, was a famous novelist and story writer of Urdu who authored hundreds of novels and stories. He used different pen names and wrote thousands of novels and hundreds of books on various topics for the digests. MA Rahat’s novels were favorites of children, women, and youth.

Early Life:

MA Rahat was born in 1941 in a literary family, and his family name was Marghoob Ali Rahat. His father was a professor Raghab Seemabi was a teacher in Aligarh. His grandfather Habib Ali Raghab also was a scholar and known person in the city. After the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan, his family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi.


After his father’s death, Marghoob Ali Rahat was forced to work for the family. He adopted different professions like a laborer in mills and other private jobs. He continued his studies and work and passed his graduation in 1950. MA Rahat completed his MA in Urdu from Karachi University and adopted writing as a profession.

Family Life:

MA Rahat had two wives and nine children, including five sons and four daughters. He decided to live in Lahore and settled in Awan Town, near Allama Iqbal Town. He spent his later life in Lahore but did not forget Karachi, where he spent most of his early life.

Death of MA Rahat:

MA Rahat struggled and worked hard throughout the whole of his life. Some of his family matters also brought tension and stress for him, which caused a brain tumor. MA Rahat did not care for it and continued writing daily. On 24 April 2017, he died in Jinnah Hospital Lahore from a brain hemorrhage at 76. He was buried in the graveyard of Karim Block Lahore near his residence.

Professional Career:

MA Rahat began to write at an early age when he was impressed by Ibne Safi. He penned a spy story published by Sultan Ahmad after some refusals by the other publishers. After that, he did not see back and wrote on social issues, romance, horror, thrill, spy, action, and crime.

He started to write episode stories for different digests and magazines, which went viral. The readers waited for the next part of MA Rahat Novels. He established a unique writing style by admitting the influence of Krishan Chander and Ibne Safi on his writing style. At the time of his death, he was writing a serial story Jharne for Nawai Waqt Family Magazine.

MA Rahat did not ready to write for film and television. At the request of Kazim Pasha, he wrote a drama Aitraaf but later turned his attention to registering for the digests. He refused to dramatize his stories for any tv channel.

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MA Rahat Novels List / Literary Work:

MA Rahat had a long career as a professional writer and penned many stories. All their favorite topics are in the MA Rahat Novels list, attracting readers until after his death. He avoided writing on politics and religion but discussed all other issues in his stories.

Most of Marghoob Ali Rahat’s work is viral on social media and blogs, but there is not enough work on MA Rahat biography. He did not get any awards from the government or literary clubs. It is a need for time to publish the MA Rahat biography and work in Urdu and English. Here you can find the details of his work.

MA Rahat Novels:

  1. Kali Qabar
  2. Kamand Novel
  3. Kalka Devi
  4. Firon Novel
  5. Devi Ki Hukumat
  6. Zehreela Novel
  7. Unchi Uraan
  8. Kath Ka Ullu
  9. Nitika Novel
  10. Titli Novel
  11. Bichoo Novel
  12. Aasaib Novel
  13. Kali Devi Ka Mandir
  14. Kaly Ghaat Wali
  15. Pazeb Novel
  16. Chipkali Novel
  17. Wadi Almoat
  18. Sandal Ka Taboot
  19. Iqbal e Jurm
  20. Doosra Tabaq
  21. Wehshat Zaade
  22. Samandar Ka Beta
  23. Bazi Novel
  24. Aatish Novel
  25. Sadiyon Ka Beta
  26. Janbaz Novel
  27. Muqaddas Ehad
  28. Sarab Novel
  29. Jin Zada
  30. Bhonchal Novel
  31. Pujari Novel
  32. Kalay Raste
  33. Taloot Novel
  34. Saya Novel
  35. Nirwan Ki Talash
  36. Sadiyon Ki Beti
  37. Sadiyon Ka Musafir
  38. Masoom Churail
  39. Rampur Ka Lakshman
  40. Khoon Asham
  41. Gardaab Novel
  42. Gol Maal
  43. Apsara Novel
  44. Black Temple
  45. Sadiyon Ka Sehar
  46. Sunehri Jonk
  47. Anmol Novel
  48. Kafan Posh
  49. Hisaar Novel
  50. Zinda Murda
  51. Shehzor Novel
  52. Aasaib Nagri
  53. Khud Parast
  54. Tarsol Kund Ki Dasi
  55. Bay Badan
  56. Jadugar Novel
  57. Barood Ke Phool
  58. Ilzam Novel
  59. Hamalia Novel
  60. Sarfarosh Novel
  61. Sookhay Gulab
  62. Akal Sagar
  63. Maazi Ke Jazeere
  64. Wehshi Novel
  65. Tashna Tan
  66. Rangeen Kehkashan
  67. Sunehri Taboot
  68. Sholay Novel
  69. Dushman Roohain
  70. Jalan Novel
  71. Jazbaat Novel
  72. Dehshat Kada
  73. Dayen Novel
  74. Green Force
  75. Bangroo Novel
  76. Kainaat Novel
  77. Kali Dunya
  78. Aks Novel
  79. Akhri Saboot
  80. Ajaib Khana
  81. Baghi Novel
  82. Zinda Sadiyan
  83. Talism Zadi
  84. Dasht e Wehshat
  85. Naag Devta
  86. Neel Mehal Ki Raqasa
  87. Band Aankhen
  88. Jharne Novel
  89. 100 Saal Pehle
  90. Asli Waris
  91. Diwali Novel
  92. Kalay Chiragh
  93. Kala Jadu
  94. Lawa Novel
  95. Tarkash Novel
  96. Barzakh Novel
  97. Daldal Novel
  98. Kauf Novel
  99. Khiladi Novel
  100. Roop Kund Ki Roopa
  101. Shamoon Novel
  102. Tareek Waadi
  103. Shehteer Novel
  104. Aazad Qaidi
  105. Meetha Zehar
  106. Muqaddas Nishan
  107. Parchayan Novel
  108. Naag Nagar Ki Nagina
  109. Black Channel
  110. Rooh Ke Shikari
  111. Sazishon Ke Jaal
  112. Doobte Chand Ke Pujari

I hope you liked the books and biography of a great writer of the Urdu language. You may also want to read Shaukat Thanvi, a classic writer.

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