Ahmad Faraz: Biography and Books List

Ahmad Faraz is a very well-known Urdu poet from Pakistan in recent days. He was born on 12th January 1931 in Kohat in, Pakistan. He is one of those poets in Pakistan who influenced the youth of Pakistan in very recent times.

Ahmad Faraz was renowned as one of the best modern poets of the previous century. “Faraz” word used as “Takhullus” (pen name). His poetry is appreciated all over Pakistan. He enjoyed and was awarded different awards by the government of Pakistan.

Early Life

It has stated earlier that he is born in the Kohat district in Pakistan. His father’s name was Syed Muhammad Shah Barq. His brother’s name is Sayyed Masood Kausar. He migrated to Peshawar from Kohat with his family to seek better life opportunities.

He was admitted to a famous college, namely Edwardes College in Peshawar. After completing his college education, he went to Peshawar University, a well-known university in Pakistan. Here at Peshawar University, he studied different subjects like Persian and Urdu.

Further, these two subjects polished him to enter the literal community of Pakistan. After completing his education at Peshawar University, he was a lecturer there.

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Ahmad Faraz worked hard days and nights that one day he was selected as Chairman National Book Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Literary Work

Ahmad Faraz is often compared with Faiz Ahmad Faiz because he is also a famous poet in Pakistan. Faiz Ahmad Faiz is also very appreciated by the youth collection in Pakistan. But Ahmad Faraz holds a unique position because his poetry is straightforward and related to the culture of Pakistan so. Even ordinary people can easily understand his poetry.

His poetry is also somehow related to humor. Once giving an interview with BBC News, he revealed that once his father brought clothes Eid for him and suggested these clothes for his elder brother. From there, he started to write his first writing. In the first line, Fiaz wrote as follows.

Sab ke wasty laye hain kapray sale se
Laye hain mere liye qaidi ka kambal jail se

Political Activities

Every well-known poet or writer in Pakistan is linked with political activities directly and indirectly. Through their writings, they inspired the masses to social improvement in society. It is also sometimes related to the tyrannies of dictators and often compared to the lousy governance of democracy or military rule. The same case is with Ahmad Faraz. The forces of Pakistan also arrested him due to his criticism of military rulers.

He faced some difficulties during Zia ul Haq’s era. Ahmad Faraz is a very self-made person who, after meeting arrested from the military, chose self-exile and went to Britain, where he spent almost six years. He also visited other countries during this exile, like Europe and Canada.

After facing these circumstances, he was appointed Chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters and later selected as chairperson of the Islamabad-based National Book Foundation for many years.


Ahmad Faraz was appreciated not informally by the masses but also formally by the state. The Government of Pakistan has awarded him different apex literal awards.

  • Hilal-e-Imtiaz
  •  Sitara-i-Imtiaz
  •  Nigar Awards


Ahmad Faraz died on 25th August 2008 due to kidney failure in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ahmad Faraz Books List

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